AKS Teachers Past Questions | Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions

AKS Teachers Past Questions and Answers | Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions and Answers

AKS Teachers Past Questions and answers are provided on this page with recent Akwa Ibom State Teachers past questions and answers. If you need Akwa Ibom Teachers past questions, then this is the right place to get your hands on the original copies. On this page, you will find how to download the exam question papers for Akwa Ibom Teachers exam. Also, you will be given 10 free samples of Akwa Ibom State Teachers recruitment past questions and answers so that you can study. After studying these sample questions, you are urged to download the complete exam study material so that you can get to revise all questions and answers ahead of the exams. An instruction will be given to direct you on how to download these question papers.

Why it is important to download AKS Teachers Past Questions

AKSUBEB recruitment for 2021 is meant enroll/engage only one thousand (1,000) candidates. Given this figure, you can rightly say the selection process will be difficult as thousands of people will be applying for the same position with you. Passing the interview exam will be based on merit. As such, one must score very high to be able to scale through the exams. To pass the Akwa Ibom SUBEB exam, you need Akwa Ibom Teachers past questions which we have provided on this page. Below are some of the samples for Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions.

AKS Teachers Past Questions Samples

1. The application of scientific knowledge in classrooms for learning refers to

A Learning Technology

B Instructional Technology

C Classroom Technology   

D Scientific Technology

2. Technology in Education refers to

A Application of equipment to improve education

B Application of education to improve technology

C Application of technology in instructions

D Application of theories and education rules to improve education

3. Which of the following is a major problem which hinders the implementation of education policies in Nigeria?

A Lack of data

B Lack of personnel

C Lack of political will

D Knowledge of the issue

4. The ego adopts the following defense mechanism to cushion the effects of anxiety generated by various aspects of personality EXCEPT

A Repression           

B Suppression

C Sublimation       

D Rationalization

4. Which of these is not a factor that hindered early introduction of Western Education in Northern Nigeria?

A Geographical      

B Political

C Religion    

D Ethnicity

5. The following methods are used for teaching the hearing impaired except

A Sign language      

B Finger spelling

C  Word processor  

D lip/speech reading

6. Distance learning can be classified as following except

A Correspondence education

B Independent education

C  Institutional broadcast

D Indirect education

7. Teaching method can be referred to as

A Teaching Professionalism

B Teaching Plan

C  Teaching Experience

D  Pedagogical Experience

8. Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria mandates exclude

A Conducting Teachers Professional

B Determining who is a teacher

C Registering, certifying and licensing teachers

D Teachers employment and promotion

9. In modern teaching and learning the teacher is

A a purveyor of knowledge

B director

C. facilitator

D controller

10. Types of counseling services can be as

A Vocational, personal and public

B Vocational, psychological and social

C Vocational, education and personal

D Religious Social and educational

Other Materials that will help you pass the exam

You can get materials on current affairs, English language with respect to lexis and structures, also get materials on professional teachers exam. All these material we have mentioned will definitely boss your chances of success by 90% only when you study them. Good enough, we have all the study materials we have mentioned. You can get all this for just 2,000 naira. Akwa Ibom teachers exam past questions comes with over 500 questions that can easily make you pass the coming exam. What are you waiting for? Quickly follow this directive below on how to download the exam past question papers for Akwa Ibom State Teachers interview.

Free Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions

Qst 1. Which of the theories most emphasize the teachers role

A.) Cognitive

B.) Behaviorism

C.) Gestalt

D.) Instructional Theory

Qst 2. In the library, the call number is critical to

A.) Lending

B.) Shelving

C.) Retrieval

D.) Cataloging

Qst 3. Key component of defining intellectual retardation exclude which of these variables

A.) Nomenclature

B.) Intellectual Function

C.) Systems Support

D.) Adaptive Behavior

Qst 4. In English writing, replacing “and” with “&” is called

A.) Abbreviation

B.) Short form

C.) Ampersand

D.) Slang

Qst 5. A test whose expected learning outcome is limited to WAEC curriculum is called

A.) Achievement test

B.) Norm referenced test

C.) Standard test

D.) Teacher made test

Qst 6. Which of these is charged with the responsibility for ensuring quality supervision in education?

(a) Federal Inspectorate Service


(c)The Police

(d) Ministry of Education

Qst 7. The Nigeria 6-3-3-4 educational system was adopted from—-

(a) Britain


(c) America

(d) Japan

Qst 8. The Universal Basis Education (UBE) was established in what year

(a) 1999


(c) 2007

(d) 1976

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