NAF Medical Screening Date – Nigerian Airforce Medical Screening Date & Schedule

NAF Medical Screening Date – The Nigerian Medical screening date has been schedule recently for those whose names are out on the NAF list of shortlisted candidates. In the 2020 NAF list of shortlisted candidates, those whose names are on the list are those who passed the medical screening exercise.  Successful candidates whose names are on the list are urged to move to the next phase of recruitment process which is training in the Nigerian Air Force Base in Kawo, Kaduna. The training camp is expected to be the last process of the recruitment exercise where candidates who scale through will be confirmed to receive appointment letters, to resume work immediately.

What to Expect During Training at the Camp

You will experience a daily routine of rigorous parades and sporting activities. The reason for this is to keep you fit and make you become capable for the job and the task ahead. After the training each candidates will be rewarded with allowance that was counted since the training began. You will receive this after the training ends. At the moment, we currently do not know how much but you can submit your questions in the comment box below.

Items to be Brought to the Training Ground

  • Two Blue PT Shorts.
  • Two Pairs of Mufti Dress. g. 2 White Shirts.
  • Original Credentials. b. 2 White T Shirts.
  • Two Pairs of White Canvas. e. 3 Pairs of White Socks.

How long the training will last

The period of time for the Nigerian Air force basic military training for Airmen and Airwomen recruit is slated to last for a maximum of 6 months.

NAF Medical Screening Date

The Nigerian Air force Medical Screening Date for 2020 is yet to be released. However shortlisted candidates who passed medical screening exercise last years, are currently taken the recruitment interview, which is slated to last between September 24th, and November 12th, 2020.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2020 DSSC/DRC List for Camp Training

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2020 DSSC/DRC List for training and camping exercise is out. You can check your names on this page as the comprehensive list is shown below. Those whose names are on the list scale through the special medical interview that was held in 2019. NAF successful candidates are to report immediately at Nigerian Air Force Base in Kawo, Kaduna on 8th September, 2020 being Saturday. Each candidate must come with the following items.


  • Original Credentials. b. 2 White T Shirts.
  • Two Blue PT Shorts.
  • Two Pairs of White Canvas. e. 3 Pairs of White Socks.
  • Two Pairs of Mufti Dress. g. 2 White Shirts.



1       DSSC2019/003619              OJI LINUS KALU                                                

2       DSSC2019/002096              CHINYERE  GRACE  UCHENDU                        

3       DSSC2019/003919              RITA PROMISE IKWUEGBU                                


4       DSSC2019/004990              AUWAL ALHASSAN AHMED                             

5       DSSC2019/008679              PAMDANAAWA PAMELA PHILIP                       

6       DSSC2019/001651              ABDULMALIK  SALEH                                         


7       DSSC2019/006828              NKIRUKA  JULIET  UDIONG                               

8       DSSC2019/005704              VICTOR OKON JACK                                          

9       DSSC2019/012013              UBONG ETIM MOSES                                         


10      DSSC2019/000309              TOCHUKWU ONYEMA DIM                               

11      DSSC2019/001656              ADAOBI  AMARACHUKWU  UCHIME                 

12      DSSC2019/009163              CLETUS ARINZE NWANKWO                              


13      DSSC2019/000043              AUWAL  MUHAMMAD                                       

14      DSSC2019/000293              KABIRU MUHAMMAD INUWA                           

15      DSSC2019/009589              ZULAIHA  BALA MUHAMMAD                            


16      DSSC2019/005950              AZIBAGBENI OWUNA ABHOKASI                       

17      DSSC2019/000430              SAMUEL OBAFEMI KALA-DUU                            

18      DSSC2019/005401              DAVID TARIEMI ADIKA                                        


19      DSSC2019/000289              ISA  ABBA                                                             

20      DSSC2019/001778              ONEHI AMOS ADOBUNU                                    

21      DSSC2019/009990              BENJAMIN TERFA ORNGU                                   


22      DSSC2019/002000              ABDULMALIK   ALHASSAN                                  

23      DSSC2019/000649              KATE ANDIYAWA DANIEL MSHELIA                    

24      DSSC2019/000461              MARYAM USMAN ABAJI                                     


25      DSSC2019/009812              MARGARET EKINYI OSIM                                            

26      DSSC2019/001204              BLESSING FELIX OKON                                               

27      DSSC2019/001256              ABOH JOHN ABOH                                                      


28      DSSC2019/007439              EMMANUEL CHUKWUNWIKE  ENEBELI                     

29      DSSC2019/004647              ELIZABETH ESEOGHENE DAFIAGHOR                      

30      DSSC2019/012084              CHUKWUKA ALEXANDER OJEBO                               


31      DSSC2019/000582              NDUBUISI SAMUEL MBAM                                          

32      DSSC2019/010834              DANIEL SUNDAY CHUKWU                                         

33      DSSC2019/001525              MASCOT  NNANNA MBAM                                           


34      DSSC2019/001685              OMONO RUTH EINEH                                                   

35      DSSC2019/001462              ALEXANDER  AZONOBO                                              

36      DSSC2019/002431              UWOGHIREN MAXWELL TIMOTHY                             


37      DSSC2019/001861              OLATOKUNBO OLAYIWOLA KOLAWOLE                  

38      DSSC2019/003120              NURUDEEN ILESANMI MUSA                                      

39      DSSC2019/012487              TEMITOPE WASIU LAWAL                                           


40      DSSC2019/000305              CHIEMEZIE PHILIP EZEAMUGO                                  

41      DSSC2019/004105              FRANCIS EKENE ODO                                                 

42      DSSC2019/004817              CHIJIOKE JUSTICE UGONNA                                      


43      DSSC2019/000384              SIDI ALI  GAMBO                                                          

44      DSSC2019/002150              ALU AKOGWU MATHIAS                                              


45      DSSC2019/001411              IBRAHIM USMAN IBRAHIM                                          

46      DSSC2019/011536              AHMAD MUJAHEED ABDULLAHI                                 

47      DSSC2019/000428              BELLO MUHAMMAD USMAN                                        


48      DSSC2019/000215              EZINWANNE  IKEDICHI OSUJI                                     

49      DSSC2019/005739              MICHAEL OZIOMA OHANU                                          

50      DSSC2019/006333              EMMANUEL OGOCHUKWU CHINEMERE                   


51      DSSC2019/002921              SUNUSI LADAN MUSA                                                  

52      DSSC2019/007893              MUHAMMAD AL-AMIN ADAMU                                    

53      DSSC2019/007337              YAKUBU  HASSAN                                                        


54      DSSC2019/003707              SHEFIULLAHI  GARBA                                                  

55      DSSC2019/003159              ZEBOSHIA JESSE ABBAH TRUMAN                            

56      DSSC2019/001148              ABDULLAHI  ABDULSALAM                                         


57      DSSC2019/002363              BELLO GARBA RAYYAN                                               

58      DSSC2019/006830              AMINU ISAH HASHIM                                                    

59      DSSC2019/001288              ADAMU UMAR MAJE                                                    


60      DSSC2019/005819              MUBARAK  SA’ADANU                                                  

61      DSSC2019/000056              FAISAL UMAR MOHAMMED                                         

62      DSSC2019/005237              KABIR  ADAMU SALISU                                                


63      DSSC2019/001698              MUSLIM MUHAMMAD SANI                                         

64      DSSC2019/011460              ALIYU UMAR ALIYU                                                      

65      DSSC2019/000057              YUSUF  SAMAILA                                                          


66      DSSC2019/012018              DAVID OJONIMI AMODU                                              

67      DSSC2019/002570              UMMUH  OIZA MOHAMMED                                         

68      DSSC2019/007029              ABDULKARIM  ABUBAKAR                                           


69      DSSC2019/000118              HABEEBULLAHI AYODEJI ALADE                               

70      DSSC2019/001326              MUSA ALFA HALLEED                                                  

71      DSSC2019/006967              RILWAN AJAO SALAMI                                                 


72      DSSC2019/011143              TAIWO HASSANATU ADERANTI                                  

73      DSSC2019/003148              SYLVESTER ONOJA MATTHEW                                  

74      DSSC2019/000341              LEKAN JUNIOR MUSTAPHA                                        


75      DSSC2019/010656              FAUZIYA-BASHIR  OWANU LAWAL                             

76      DSSC2019/011842              GODFREY TAVERSHIMA BAAKI                                  

77      DSSC2019/011749              SALIHU EHASE JIBRIN                                                 


78      DSSC2019/000824              ADAM YUSUF SULAIMAN                                            

79      DSSC2019/010712              MICAH  KOLO                                                                

80      DSSC2019/000806              ABDULAZIZ  ABUBAKAR                                              


81      DSSC2019/004068              KAZEEM OLALEKAN BANKOLE                                   

82      DSSC2019/006739              OLUWASEYI ABRAHAM ADEOGUN                            

83      DSSC2019/003664              ADENIYI AZEEZ FATAI                                                 


84      DSSC2019/000443              YEMISI DEBORAH OLUWAFEMI                                 

85      DSSC2019/002217              OLANIKE HELLEN AKINTELURE                                 

86      DSSC2019/004610              PEREKIMI SAMUEL AMULUKU                                    


87      DSSC2019/000075              AHMED   OLODO                                                           

88      DSSC2019/005342              TAOFEEQAT AJAO SULAIMAN                                    

89      DSSC2019/000119              BABAJIDE ADEYEMI MARTINS                                    


90      DSSC2019/002282              ADEOLA AMINAT TORIOLA                                       

91      DSSC2019/001296              KARIMAT OYINDAMOLA OLABAMIJI                           

92      DSSC2019/009922              TOLUWALOPE   ADESHOKAN                                     


94      DSSC2019/001864              TINA NANRE NIMZING                                                  

95      DSSC2019/009946              USMAN LAWAN  ABDULHAMID                                   

96      DSSC2019/001836              ABDULSAMAD  HARUNA  LAWAN                               


96      DSSC2019/000211              TIMI HART OWONTE                                                    

97      DSSC2019/003627              CHRIS  SOMBA                                                              

98      DSSC2019/000361              JUSTINA UGOCHI PROMISE-LETON                           


99      DSSC2019/001081              BASHIR  UMAR                                                             

100     DSSC2019/004216              RUFA’I  HAMZA                                                              

101     DSSC2019/006105              UMAR   MIKAILU                                                            


102     DSSC2019/000819              BAKARI SHADRACH KAKKIKA                                     

103     DSSC2019/002464              MOSES GANI ZAKARIAH                                             

104     DSSC2019/007894              ABDULLAHI TUMU AHMED                                          


105     DSSC2019/000683              ABUBAKAR MUKHTAR AHMAD                                   

106     DSSC2019/001810              THAQIB   ABDULAZEEZ                                                

107     DSSC2019/011049              IDRISS  BABA ASIYA                                                    


108     DSSC2019/000029              ABDURRAHMAN  MURTALA  BELLO                           

109     DSSC2019/000900              ZAHARADDIN MAISHANU LAWAL                               

110     DSSC2019/004571              UKASHATU  IBRAHIM        

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates                                         

These names makes the complete list of 2020 Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates, invited for training at Nigerian Air Force Base in Kawo, Kaduna. The NAF list of shortlisted candidates has a total of 110 names. Do well to check the list through and don’t rush. I wish you go luck as you check.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

This page offers Nigerian Airforce Recruitment past questions and answers for PDF download. Everything you need about NAF recruitment past questions is ready and available on this page for grasp. You will be guided on the steps you need to know so you can be able to download the PDF version immediately.

NAF Past Questions

We have carefully compiled NAF aptitude test past questions and answers for you, and they are all saved in PDF format for download through email and whatsApp. I believe in effective preparations for the NAF examination and i recommend that you download NAF examination past questions and answers. This material will help you succeed in the forth coming exams.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Past Questions

On this page, you will find recent copies of NAF common entrance past questions PDF. A guide will also be provide on how you can download this ebook and only the real copies. We have had series of feed backs in the past, were candidates come back to tell us Nigerian Airforce common entrance past questions was very helpful to them. See the benefits of this study pack below.

Benefits of Airforce Recruitment Past Questions

You stand to benefit a lot from Airforce Common Entrance Past Questions. Some of these include:

  • Several questions which usually repeat will be shown to you on the past question papers.
  • Secondly, you will understand the exams format so it doesn’t look strange when you get to the exams hall.
  • All questions come with their correct answer on these past questions.

How to Download the PDF Version of this Ebook

Please note that this material is available in PDF soft copies and will be sent to you once you place order for it. To do so, make payment to the account below.

Price: N2,000

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0523296040


After payment, send the following details to 08100923529.

  1. Depositor’s name or payment receipt.
  2. Email address for delivery.
  3. Name of past questions needed.

Once we receive and confirm these details, the past questions will be sent to you immediately. This will take less than five minutes.


Akwa Ibom State SUBEB Recruitment 2020 – AKSUBEB Recruitment Form Portal

Akwa Ibom State SUBEB Recruitment 2020 – AKSUBEB Recruitment Form Portal

Join Akwa state secondary education board as Akwa Ibom State SUBEB recruitment begins. This page will guide you on all relevant information you need to know about AKSUBEB recruitment 2020. Here, you will be able to know how to obtain application forms, the mode of application and the necessary requirements for the job.

N/B: Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board recruitment is free. Please ignore and decline any offer that comes to you, requesting money for your name to be shortlisted. Consider this as fraudulent. AKSUBEB will never request any money from you for you applications to fly.

Are you aspiring to secure a job at AKSUBEB? If yes, then you are at the place to get you application guidelines, all at your finger tips. Unlike AKSUBEB portal (, were applications are submitted online, AKSUBEB recruitment will take slightly a different shape in terms of submitting application letters. Instead of Akwa Ibom State SUBEB portal, applications will be done in hand written form.

Requirements for AKSUBEB Recruitment

All applicants are expected to satisfy the following criteria before he/she can be considered eligible to apply.

  • Candidates must have completed SSCE and obtained WAEC, GCE, NECO or NABTEB result in not more than two sittings and results must contain at least five credits including English Language and Mathematics.
  • Candidates must possess a minimum of NCE.
  • Bachelors degree or equivalent of HND is required.
  • NYSC discharge certificate or exemption letter.
  • Certificate of origin
  • First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)

Those In-eligible to apply.

If you are currently or an existing beneficiary of the Npower scheme, then you are not eligible to apply. Your application may not be considered should it discovered, you still work with the Npower scheme.

How to obtain Akwa Ibom State SUBEB Recruitment Application Forms

Application forms should be gotten from the following locations.

  • In Ikot Ekpene senatorial district AKSUBEB form should be gotten from State College, Ikot Ekpene.
  • Interested candidates within Eket senatorial district should obtain application form from Government School, Afaha Eket.
  • In Uyo L.G.A, those within the senatorial district should get forms from West Itam Secondary School, Itam & Aka Community Secondary School, Aka Offot.

Method of Application for Akwa Ibom State SUBEB Recruitment

All application forms must be filled and submitted in handwritten form. The application form must capture your Local Government Area, age, sex, etc. Attached to it must be photocopies of important credentials which must be relevant to the application and position sort for.

All hand written applications must be addressed to the chairman, Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board (AKSUBEB), at Idongesit Nkanga State Secretariat Complex. Deadline for submission is one week after application is collected. Forms submitted later than the time assigned shall be disqualified.

Other Jobs You can Apply Right Now

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NDE Shortlited Candidates 2020 – List of those to appear for Screening Interview

NDE Shortlited Candidates 2020 for Screening Interview Exams… Are you part of the NDE list of shortlisted candidates 2020 or you want to check the list? Did you apply for NDE recruitment 2020? If you answered yes to this questions then you are at the right page. Here, i will provided latest news about NDE shortlisted candidates and other related information.

Is NDE Shortlited Candidates list 2020 out? The answer to this questions is that NDE list of shortlited candidates is not yet out. NDE list of successful candiates will be posted here for free when the list is finally released. A lot of candidates have been asking questions about the date NDE shortlisted candiates will be released. We have updates about this questions and you can find it below.

When will NDE List of Shortlisted Candidates be Realeased?

Currently, the list is being computed by the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), and will be released very soon. Candidates wait patiently as they will be notified through emails and phone numbers used during registration on the application portal.

How to Check NDE Shortlisted Candidate List

Check your email from time to time, as well as your phone number. A mail or text message will come to you, notifying you that you ave been shortlisted for the NDE 774,000 special public works 2020. Moreso, successful candidate names will be pasted in the Federal Secretariate for shortlisted candidates to check their names.

Selection Criteria:

The selection process will be made to include 100 persons randomely selected among the local government areas in the following states below.

  • AbiaAdamawa
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Anambra
  • Bauchi
  • Bayelsa
  • Benue
  • Borno
  • Cross RiverDelta
  • Ebonyi
  • Edo
  • Ekiti
  • Enugu
  • Gombe
  • Imo
  • Jigawa
  • Kaduna
  • Kano
  • Katsina
  • Kebbi
  • Kogi
  • Kwara
  • Lagos
  • Nasarawa
  • Niger
  • Ogun
  • Ondo
  • Osun
  • Oyo
  • Plateau
  • Rivers
  • Sokoto
  • Taraba
  • Yobe
  • Zamfara

What will happen after NDE Shortlited Candidates list is out

At the secretariates, candidates will find their posting locations were there will be carrying out their jobs for the next 3months after which their engagements will supposely be tarminated, for a new batch to resume.

We welcome comments from you if you have any. You might have a question to ask, inquiry to make and so on, PLEASE feel free to share your opinion or question with us using the comment box below. If this information was helpful to you, you can share to friends and love ones using the social media platforms on this page as this might help them too. 


WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer 2020 Portal – Guidelines on How to Move Your Account to Sky Wallet

WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer 2020 Portal – Guidelines on How to Move Your Account to Sky Wallet (New Server).

On this page, i will share everything you need to know about WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer and how to activate WAZOBIA Sky Wallet, were your old investment and due payment will be stored. Since June 2020, so many WAZOBIA Investment beneficiaries has not beeen abke to withdraw their money due to the delay in merging by the system. A satisfying reason or excuse has not been given as to why people were not merge to receive payment.

Lately, WAZOBIA Investment has come up with Account Transfer for all users. WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer Button can be found on the WAZOBIA Investment Dashboard.

Possible Reasons for WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer

  1. From recent findings, it is claimed that WAZOBIA Account Transfer is necessary as it moves your initail account to a new server (Sky Wallet).
  2. Secondly, this transfer enables the system store/back up data of all users, especially those who had due withdrawal for a long time but couldn’t withdraw. All users of WAZOBIA Investment will find the old balance in the new Sky Wallet account after account has been transferred to the new server.
  3. It is likely that the old WAZOBIA Investment server may have been hacked.

WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer

Is WAZOBIA Account Transfer Necessary?

To answer this question, fact is that it is very nessary to tranfer your account on WAZOBIA Investment Dashboard. For those of you who had your money but were not merged to receive payment, this should be a step to getting your money back, as all your money will be saved in the Sky Wallet.

What is WAZOBIA Sky Wallet?

WAZOBIA Investment Sky Wallet is a new server, created by owners of the WAZOBIA Investment. This is were money is stored/backed up after transerring your old WAZOBIA Investment account to the new Sky Wallet by WAZOBIA Investment. Also, you have full access to the WAZOBIA Sky Wallet after activating the new WAZOBIA Investment Account (Sky Wallet). To do this, account transfer must be made.

How to Transfer WAZOBIA Investment Account to Sky Wallet

Here i will show you how to tranfer your WAZOBIA Investment Account to the New Sky Wallet Account. All these information will be given for free.

Follow the steps below to have a successful transfer of account to the new server.

  1. Log in to WAZOBIA Investment portal via
  2. Type and insert your username and password to log into your dashboard.
  3. Click the Account Transfer Button after you have logged in.


We advice that you cancel pending withdrawals if there was any, before clicking on the transfer button.

How to Proceed after Clicking the Transfer Button

Once you click the transfer button, the system will show you the total outstanding balance from the old server. Basically, the account transfer is just like starting all over again because you will have to activate the account on the new server just like you did at first, with the old account. Also reinvestment and recommitment will be required as you proceed.

  • As you proceed, the system will create a Sky Wallet for you, were your pending funds will be stored.
  • You then need to activate your account with a token of one thousand naira only just like you did in the first one.
  • You will have to wait to be merged by the system to make payment to the person assigned to you on the dashboard. Once you make payment for account activation, you have to notify the system on your dashboard, with evidence of payment that payment has been made/completed.

How to Access Your Funds on the Sky Wallet

You need to take these tips serious as i will show you how you can withraw your money from WAZOBIA Sky Wallet. To be able to withdraw your old funds that were hanging, and which is now refrlecting on your sky wallet, you need to make a new investment. Remember i said earlier that the transition into the new server Sky Wallet, is like starting WAZOBIA Investment all over. Just like it was routine in the other account, you have to make a fresh investment and also recommit. Recommitment is a standard policy of the WAZOBIA Investment, which every investor must oblige. Once your payment is due for withdrawal, 50% profit will be paid to you with additional 30% from the the old funds. This is for every investment you make and the profits you will receive.


The account transfer becomes irreversible once you click on the transfer button. This is to say that the process can not be undone once account transfer has been authorized by you. Secondly, you are not to use either “Wazobia Payment” or “Wazobia” as transaction details during payment to an assigned person you’ve been merged with to pay. Failure to follow this instruction will amount to account deactivation or total barn. Now, if your account is barned, the restoration fee is 9,000 naira. I guess you don’t want this to happen to you.

Will Referral Bonus Still be Paid?

Yes, you are still entittled to 10% referral bonus from your downline, everytime they invest/re-invest.


This article was provided to help you go about WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer successfully and also have all relevant information about the transition. Please be aware that WAZOBIA Investment is a Ponzi scheme and we advice that you be cautious in your operations with them. Never borrow money to invest in Ponzi Schemes. It is okay to make investment with your personal money but, let it be an amount you won’t regret if you lost it.

We welcome comments from you if you have any. You might have a question to ask, inquiry to make and so on, PLEASE feel free to share your opinion or question with us using the comment box below. If this information was helpful to you, you can share to friends and love ones using the social media platforms on this page as this might help them too. 


Cameroon Air Force Recruitment 2020 Application Form Portal

Cameroon Air Force Recruitment 2020 Application Form is out and enrollment has started. This page provides relevant information about Cameroon Airforce Recruitment, Cameroon Air Force recruitment MINDEF Entrance Examination 20-21, who is eligible to apply and what qualifications are required for the job. Also, you will get to know the entrance exams date and venue, all for free. Continue reading this guide to find out latest news on Cameroon Air Force 2020 recruitment. This recruitment is meant for all eligible Cameroonians who wish to join Cameroon Airforce this year.

Cameroon Air Force Recruitment 2020

The 2020 Cameroon Air Force job application will be handwritten and must be addressed and submitted to the Minister delegate in charge of Defence to the Presidency. The following instruction must be adhered:

  1. The application forms must have a 1000 CFA Francs Fiscal Stamp on it before submission.
  2. One envelop must be used, bearing the address of the applicants and must also carry 500 CFA Francs postal stamp.
  3. An original birth certificate, not more than 3 months old is required.
  4. An original academic certificate is required.
  5. An original medical certificate.
  6. Receipt of 20,000 CFA Francs examination fee paid to the examination center cashier.

Requires for Cameroon Airforce Recruitment

Each prospective candiates must meet the following requirements, as all are mandatory.

  • Candidates should not be more than 22yrs as at the time of application, counting as of 31st December 2020.
  • Those less than 18yrs should not apply as this is the minimum age requirement. He/she should not be more than 18yrs as of 31st January, 2020.
  • Candidates must be single and must not have any child in their care.
  • Candidates must be medically fit.
  • Candidates must be emotionally stable.
  • Candidates must be a holder of Baccalaureat Certificate or GCE in science Advance Level, which must include a minimum of three papers of which, two must be science subjects.

NOTE: Candidates must be ready to take a pre selection exams and it will be conducted in the Cameroon Airforce examination centers.