FSDH Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

Check out and download FSDH Bank aptitude test past questions on this page. FSDH bank past questions will help you prepare effectively for the job interview that awaits you. Are you seeking employment in FSDH bank or you want to? Perhaps you had submitted application already. If yes, then FSDH bank recruitment past questions and answers is the most important requirements right now that guarantee your success in the forth coming screening examination that will qualify you for the job.

I trust you have considered how important it is to pass the interview at FSDH bank? I am rFSDHmmending FSDH bank interview questions and answers for you to download on this page as the latest copies have been provided for you. You will find Verbal ReFSDHning, Mathematics, English Language, Ability Test, and Logical reFSDHning sections in FSDH bank test past questions which are available on this page for you.

Candidates who passed the recruitment interview in time past did so through the help of FSDH bank exam past questions and answers. Are you among the many serious candidates who want to go the extra mile to secure this job and pass the forth coming interview examination?  If yes then all you need to do right now is to study FSDH bank entry level past questions and answers. It is easy to pass the job interview with the help of FSDH bank past questions and answers available in this page for PDF download. Yes, the past question papers are compiled and arranged in PDF soft copies that can be received through email or whatsapp. In the course of reading through this article you will find relevant information on how to download FSDH bank interview past questions and answers. This article provides latest information regarding FSDH bank test papers and it is important that you carefully read through so that you don’t miss any vital information.

FSDH Bank Entry Level Past Questions

Did you apply for FSDH bank entry level recruitment? If you are in need of FSDH bank entry level recruitment past questions then this is the best place to be as you will be offered the latest FSDH bank entry level interview past questions. We took time to compile FSDH bank job past questions and it is now available for all candidate who are going to undertake the job interview. I am glad that you are searching for a preparatory study guide that will help you boost your chances of scoring very high in the aptitude test that is about to be held for you. Go ahead now and download FSDH bank interview study guide or FSDH bank aptitude test study guide which is just about the same thing.

FSDH Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions

It is obvious that you really take the forth coming interview very serious and that is why you arrived on this page to get past question papers that is relevant to FSDH aptitude test screening exam. Am glad you made the decision to succeed by any means possible. Suffice to say that, the only way to get this job is passing the exam that will be set for you. Bear in mind that the examination will be very competitive and I can bet it will. The reFSDHn is because there are a whole lot of smart young men and women who also applied for this job just as you did. The fact is, there are smart guys out there you can trust me on this. The selection process will be based on merit and by merit; I mean only those who are able to score very high. Just imagine that 70% is a distinction mark the management of the bank has set and they want to engage only 10 new recruit. If this is the case, it is important to note that out of the number people who take the aptitude test, the set of people who score the highest (which can be way above the 70% bench mark) will be the first to be considered.

As you are going to take this exam, I want you to go with the mind, energy and preparation that will place you in a better position to score by far above 70% in FSDH bank job test.  For you to able to brace yourself up and ace the FSDH bank exam, all you need is FSDH bank CBT exam past questions which is the perfect guarantee for you success.

Other Materials that will help you succeed in FSDH Bank Aptitude Test Interview

Most banking job interview questions are set by companies/organizations like Dragnet and Work Force. Dragnet past questions and Work Force past questions could be yours if you need them in addition to FSDH Bank recruitment past questions. Each of these past questions cost 2,000 naira each but you can have the three study pack for just 3,500.

S/n Name of Past Question Paper Price Rather get these three for 3,500 only.
1. FSDH Bank Past Questions 2,000
2. Dragnet Past Questions 2,000
3. Work Force Past Questions 2,000

 FSDH Bank Past Questions

The FSDH bank past question paper is very promising and helpful to give you the ability to scale through the job interview. This page provides real FSDH bank online test past questions and answers. It is time for you to get ahead of others and brace yourself up enough to make you pass the exam interview in flying colours. Success in any given exam demands serious preparation. That can only be gained through studies and revisions. At this time, I really rFSDHmmend this material for you and with this, you can be sure to score up to 80% in the FSDH bank aptitude test. Download this material now so you don’t miss out in studying FSDH bank past questions of more than five previous examinations compiled into a PDF softcopy document that can be FSDHed through email or whatsapp.

Free FSDH Bank past questions for aptitude test interview are provided below so you can see the samples from the complete question papers for FSDH bank.

 You can study the free samples of FSDH bank aptitude test questions below. Note that these questions are limited in number. To download the complete question papers for FSDH bank recruitment exam, you will have to make purchase for it after studying the free samples below. An instruction on how to go about this will be given below.

Free FSDH Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions

  1. Bisi is as tall as Uche. Adamu and Hafeez are the same height. There is no difference in height between Uche and Adamu. Therefore:

(a) Bisi is taller than Adamu.

(b) Uche is shorter than Hafeez.

(c) Bisi is as tall as Hafeez.

(d) Hafeez is shorter than Bisi.

  1. If your daily newspaper costs N500 during the weekend and N300 on other days, how much do you spend weekly on newspapers?

(a) N2,500.00

(b) N3,000.00

(c) N3,500.00

(d) N4,000.00

  1. A printing machine produces at 30 pages per minute. How many pages can the machine print in one hour?

(a) 30

(b) 180

(c) 300

(d) 1800

  1. How many days are there in a leap year?

(a) 364 days

(b) 365 days

(c) 366 days

(d) 367 days

  1. If forty people donated N6 a month to a cooperative society for one year, how much would be collected?

(a) N288

(b) N2880

(c) N28,000

(d) None of these

  1. How many weeks make a leap year?

(a) 50

(b) 51

(c) 52

(d) 53

  1. Reorganize the following sentences into the order in which they were originally written-

P: This is pollution. Q: It can be small-scale or global and most plants and animals suffer its effects. R: harmful by –products of industry and agriculture enter the environment.

(a) RPQ

(b) PRQ

(c) PQR

(d) QRP

  1. Reorganize the following sentences into the order in which they were originally written-

P: There are thought to be billions of them. Q: Perhaps the most common objects in the universe are stars. R: It includes everything visible, invisible, known and not yet known. S: The universe is made up of everything that exists.

(a) PQRS

(b) QSRP

(c) SRQP

(d) QRPS

  1. How many state Governors are there in Nigeria in the year 2011?

(a) 36

(b) 37

(c) 38

(d) 39

  1. 6 + 9 = Z. Therefore

(a) Z = 15

(b) Z = 16

(c) Z = 17

(d) Z = 18

  1. 25% of Z = 37.5 Therefore

(a) Z = 1.5

(b) Z = 9.375

(c) Z = 150

(d) Z = 937.5

  1. Ten buses are to carry 20 passengers each. Each passenger is travelling with a bag weighing 15kg. What is the combined weight of luggage to be moved by all the buses?

(a) 300kg

(b) 600kg

(c) 3000kg

(d) 6000kg

  1. Which is the odd number out? 462 683 385 198

(a) 198

(b) 385

(c) 462

(d) 683

  1. A B C D E F G H

What letter is two letters to the left of the letter immediately to the right of the letter three letters to the right of the letter A?

(a) B

(b) C

(c) D

(d) E

  1. Only one group of five letters below can be re-arranged to spell out a five-letter word in the English language. Identify the word.










  1. Tola. Vincent, Adamu, Idrisu and Emeka took part in a shot put competition. Idrisu took more shots than Adamu, Vincent took more than Idrisu, Adamu took more than Tola, and Emeka took fewer than Vincent. No two competitors took the same number of shots. Which one of the following conclusions is, therefore proved to be correct?

(a) Idrisu took more shots than Tola but fewer than Adamu.

(b) Idrisu took fewer shots than Tola and Vincent.

(c) Idrisu took more shots than Tola and Tola took fewer shots than Adamu.

(d) Emeka took more shots than Adamu.

  1. If you have four-fifths of N100 and spend N36.00, how much will you be left with?

(a) N9

(b) N44

(c) N64

(d) N424

  1. If Friday is the fourth day of the month, what day is the 13th day of the month?





20.If four people all said “hello” to each other once, how many times would the word “hello” be spoken?

(a) 11 times

(b) 12 times

(c) 13 times

(d) 14 times

  1. Reorganise the following sentences into the order in which they were originally written-

X: They give special practice at improving your ability to calculate. Y: Where you see QR beside an exercise or a question, this stands for Quantitative ReFSDHning. Z: You should do and discuss these questions with your teacher and classmates.

(a) XYZ

(b) XZY

(c) YXZ

(d) YZX

  1. Reorganize the following sentences into the order in which they were originally written-

P: ICT is generally taken to mean technologies that support communication via computers. Q: Presently, the world is experiencing an ever-increasing use of information and communication technology (ICT) in many areas of human endeavour. R: Thus, the advent of ICT has brought about effective and efficient information generation, utilization and dissemination, as well as storage and retrieval. S: Such technologies include the Internet, local area networking, electronic mail, and the world-wide-web.

(a) PQRS

(b) QRSP

(c) PSRQ

(d) QPSR

  1. Reorganize the following sentences into the order in which they were originally written-

P: The other was left standing by alone until they were ready for him. Q: I saw a man strike one of them with a wooden axe. R: As I looked, I saw two fellows pulled from the boat: they were being brought to be killed.

(a) QRP

(b) RQP

(c) QPR

(d) PQR

  1. If the word PINT is written under the word SAFE, the word THUD is written under the word PINT and the word HOPE is written above the word SAFE, what word can be read diagonally?

(a) TEND

(b) FAST

(c) HAND

(d) SPIN

  1. What is the day and date 30 days after Wednesday 12 May?

(a) Thursday 29 May

(b) Thursday 10 June

(c) Friday 30 May

(d) Friday 11 June

  1. In the series: AB, ABD, ABDG, ABDGK, … What comes next?





27 ZK9PXL428 rearranged as follows – letters first in alphabetical order, followed by the numbers in ascending numerical order, gives:

(a) KZ9LPX248

(b) 2489KLPXZ

(c) KLPXZ2489

(d) 248LPXKZ9

  1. If the word HAVE is written under the word FARM, the word COST is written above the word FARM and the word GATE is written under the word HAVE, what word cannot be read diagonally?

(a) HAS

(b) ORE

(c) RAG

(d) CAVE

  1. If the word DONE is written under the word BALL, the word COLD is written above the word BALL and the word SING is written above the word COLD, how many words can be read diagonally?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

  1. If the word SOUR is written under the word EVEN, the word PAST is written under the word SOUR and the word CALM is written above the word EVEN, what word can be read diagonally?

(a) REAL

(b) LAST

(c) POEM

(d) CORE

How to download FSDH Bank Interview Questions

Do you want to download FSDH bank recruitment past questions and answers? If your answer is yes, then make purchase for the complete question papers below. The price for this question paper is 2,000 naira only. Make payment to the account details below then send proof of payment and email to 08100923529, either as a text message or whatsapp chat. Feel free to call either to place order or to confirm payment you’ve made. The account detail to make payment is:

Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Number: 0523296040


Your email is required for delivery so we can send the past questions to you once we have confirmed your purchase for the question paper. Other past questions that will help you are Dragnet Past Questions and Work Force Past Questions. We have them too incase you also might be interested in downloading them also. Instead of buying the three study guides at 6,000 naira, you can get them at a discounted price of 3,500 only.

S/n Name of Past Question Paper Price Rather get these three for 3,500 only.
1. FSDH Bank Past Questions 2,000
2. Dragnet Past Questions 2,000
3. Work Force Past Questions 2,000

If you are paying for three past question papers at once, please indicate that the text message that you just paid for “FSDH bank Combo Question Pack”.

What to do next after payment has been made for your desired Past Question Papers

After making paying the allotted amount for the past questions you need, quickly send the following to us as a text message or through what.

  • Proof of payment (e.g, screenshot of payment receipt).
  • Email address and whatsapp number for delivery.
  • Depositor’s name.

With the above information, we will be able to verify your payment and also know the medium with which the past question papers will be delivered to you. Once you confirm your payment, the past questions will be delivered to you within 5 minutes.

Assurance of Delivery       

We understand how difficult it is to transact online as there are so many scam online lately. We considered this and that’s why we have provided some samples above which are extracted from the complete past question paper. That is to show that your preferred past question paper is available as seen and will be delivered to you immediately.

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